First Woman President

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First Woman President

The first woman President is elected. Not only is she a woman, she also happens to be Jewish. After the election results are in, she calls her mother. “Mama, I’ve won the election, you’ve got to come to my inauguration!”

“I don’t know, what would I wear?” says mama.

“Don’t worry, I’ll send you to a dressmaker.”

“But I only eat kosher food.”

“Mama, I’m going to be the president, I can get you kosher food.”

“But how will I get there?”

“I’ll send a limo, just come, Mama.”

“Ok, Ok, if it makes you happy.”

The great day comes and Mama is seated between the Supreme Court justices and the future Cabinet members. She nudges the gentleman on her right.

“You see that girl, the one with her hand on the Bible?” she says proudly. “Her brother’s a doctor.”

Funny Jokes



  1. Anonymous said,

    I like this one. It’s a little insulting, but made me laugh.

  2. jimmy said,

    how is this funny maybe i just dont get it
    wat does this mean anyways????????

  3. LEA said,

    not funny!

  4. elaine said,

    i can just hear my mother saying that!!!

  5. Anatu-Monat said,


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