Joke of the Day – The Nature of Proof – GETTING A LIBRARY CARD

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A quiet little man was brought before a judge. The judge looked down
at the man and then at the charges and then down at the little man
in amazement. “Can you tell me in your own words what happened?” he
asked the man.

“I’m a mathematician dealing in the nature of proof,” said the
little man.

“Yes, go on,” said the astounded judge.

“Well, I was at the library, I found the books I wanted and got in
line to check them out. When I got to the front of the line, they
told me my library card had expired and I had to get a new one. So I
went to the registration office and got in another line to get the
proper forms. I filled out the forms for another card and got back
into a third line for my card.”

“And?” said the judge.

“When he asked, ‘Can you prove you’re from New York City?’ … I
stabbed him.”


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