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August 20, 2007 at 12:35 pm (Aging Jokes, Comedy, Daily Joke, Daily Jokes, Entertainment, Fun, Funny, Funny Humor, Funny Joke, Funny Jokes, Humor, Humorous, Humorous Blogs, Humour, joke, Joke of the Day, Jokes, Jokes of the Day)

An elderly couple toddled into the local McDonalds and
ordered one combo meal. The wife carefully cut the sandwich
in two and began to eat her half. The husband respectfully
sat and watched.

The eating did not progress quickly, and soon the other
customers bagan to notice. Finally one helpful person
offered to buy the couple another meal. The offer was
rejected with the explanation, “We share everything.”

Eventually another could stand it no longer and made the
same offer. Same rejection: “No thank you, we share

After this had gone on for what seemed to be quite a while,
one bystander could no longer stand it and quizzed the man,
“Then why aren’t you eating? What are you waiting for?”

The reply: “The teeth.”


1 Comment

  1. David Rheins said,

    Combo meal? I just wrote a haiku about a mcdonald’s combo meal:

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