Joke of the Day – Boring Flight

July 11, 2007 at 2:42 pm (Boring Jokes, Business Trips, Businessmen, Daily Joke, Daily Jokes, Fun, Funny, Funny Humor, Funny Joke, Funny Jokes, Funny Stuff, Humor, Humorous, Humorous Blogs, Humour, joke, Joke of the Day, Jokes, Jokes of the Day, Revenge)

Bored during a long flight, an eminent scholar leaned over
and woke up the sleeping man next to him to ask if he would
like to play a game.

“I’ll ask you a question,” the scholar explained, “and if
you don’t know the answer, you pay me $5. Then you ask me a
question, and if I don’t know the answer, I’ll pay you $50.”

When the man agreed to play, the scholar asked, “What’s the
distance from the earth to the moon?” Flummoxed, the man
handed him $5. “Ha!” said the scholar. “It’s 238,857 miles.
Now it’s your turn.”

The man was silent for a few moments. Then he asked, “What
goes up a hill with three legs and comes down with four?”

Puzzled, the scholar racked his brains for an hour–but to
no avail. Finally he took out his wallet and handed over
$50. “Okay, okay, what is the answer?” the scholar asked.

The man said, “I don’t know,” pulled out a $5 bill, handed
it to the scholar, and went back to sleep.


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